Saturday, 30 September 2017

Poster "Motivation in Science"

Teaching Strategies and Behaviours in the Science Classroom

                                     Interview with a Chemistry teacher Natalja Romanenkova


                                            Interview with an IT teacher Jonata



Poster "EFL Anxiety"

                                  Anxiety reducing teaching strategies  in the EFL classroom


Thursday, 31 August 2017

Teachers meeting 30.08.2017

Presenting the surveys of combine results of all Erasmus+ project participating schools  on Teaching strategies and Behaviours which potentially influence classroom  anxiety and motivation.

The Lithuanian project coordinator Irina Read

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Erasmus+ "We Run Vilnius" 2017

The Smile team

Anxiety survey analysis

Day 6, 5th May
Early in the morning we meet at school ready for the game “Scavenger Hunt” to explore modern Barcelona. This is the last but perhaps the most exciting and adventurous activity of the project. We are divided into mixed teams and given the maps with descriptions of the places we have to find our way to. We are not allowed to use any means of transport and as a proof have to take photos at the places. Every team desires to win! So the “hunt” starts. This wonderful activity gives us an opportunity to visit many places of Barcelona, dive into the atmosphere of the bustling flea market and enjoy the tranquility of the beautiful park, relax at the beach and have our tired feet cooled by the sea. We head back to La Llagosta to have our final discussion about the results of this part of the project and the ceremony of awarding the certificates. The day ends with the dinner together with the families which hosted the students of the project. We feel sad but we are full of hope that we will meet again!
Galina Kurchevskaja, teacher of English language in Vasily Kachialov gymnasium, Vilnius,30.04.2017

Day 5, 4th May
In the morning we are at school again waiting impatiently for a workshop on Mindfulness with the teachers Marta and Mercedes from the Department on Educational Psychology. The students and teachers follow all the instructions of our tutors, trying to relax and get rid of anxiety. We think that techniques we have acquired will be useful for all of us. Then Natividad takes us to the town hall to meet the mayor of La Llagosta. We take photos in front of a huge grasshopper
(La Llagosta means a grasshopper in Catalan) and in front of the oldest building of the town feeling happy and relaxed after the workshop. Our next destination is the Museum of Catalan Art in Barcelona and in the evening we are going to enjoy the show of Magic Fountains in Placa d’Espanya. We also take the chance to visit a Museum of Joan Miro, a contemporary Catalan painter, graphic artist, sculptor and ceramicist.


Day 4, 3rd May
We are at school all together, students and teachers, to take part in a workshop on reducing anxiety with a university teacher Mireia Cabero. At first each students and teacher has to say a word which associates with anxiety to them. Then the teachers and students are divided into mixed teams to work with plasticine and create various figures which represent their feeling of anxiety. We describe them to other members of the team, communicate a lot and try to be creative and original, share our ideas, thus practicing to speak English. We realize that it is very important to be able to describe our feelings and share them with others as well as listen to each other. After that we are asked to work out the ways to reduce anxiety applying our creativity and imagination as several teams work on making collages, while others work as sculptors or have to reach an agreement playing a special card game. All of us enjoy the workshop which is really useful experience. In our opinion, the idea of getting students and teachers together is very good because there is a chance for them to communicate as equal partners thus making equal contribution into the final result. This experience should definitely be disseminated among the students and teachers of our school. After the workshop we feel very enthusiastic to cope with all kinds of anxiety (at least today). Now it is time to travel to Barcelona to explore Gaudi’s route and the Old Quarter of the city and just to communicate with other teachers from the project and share our ideas.